GTA Bathroom Renovations can add to the beauty and value of any home

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Stunning Bathroom Renovations with Marble
GTA Bathroom Renovations When looking to conduct bathroom renovations in the GTA, homeowners must ensure that their material supplier is knowledgeable, well-stocked and can provide top advice when it comes to which materials and styles are the most suitable. While most people are looking for affordable solutions that will provide stunning results, it is important to understand the varying degrees of value in terms of different material options.
Natural stones, such as marble and granite, provide renovation materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing, they also offer sound investments that will ultimately increase the value of a home.
Benefits of Marble
The look of marble is one that exudes elegance and class. Marble countertops, tiles and flooring can turn any bathroom into a luxurious haven. Being a natural stone, each slab of marble is completely unique making all renovation projects individual and unlike any other. While upgrading with materials such as linoleum are initially less expensive, they cannot offer the same value as marble can down the line.
Using marble in bathroom renovations is considered a wise investment as well as a means of improving the appearance of the room. Marble upgrades enhance the resale value of any property.
While other materials go in and out of style frequently, marble is a solid material that has been used for hundreds of years in a range of different architecture and renovation projects. As such, it is a material that will never go out of style, and therefore, it will never need to be updated.
The fact that this material has been employed for so long in various different designs and structures is a testament to its durability and functionality. Being a natural stone, marble is able to withstand the elements, making it the ideal material to use in rooms that are exposed to damp conditions, such as the bathroom. It is not susceptible to mold and as a result, it is protected from becoming damaged with time.
Styles and Designs
Depending on personal preference, people looking to conduct bathroom renovations with natural stone, marble or granite have an abundance of style and colour options available to them.
Darker shades of marble, such as blacks and greys compliment bathrooms that are aiming for a more modern look. These colours of tiles or countertops are perfectly matched with any shape of faucet and darker paint colours. They are also a great way to offset lighter paint shades.
If aiming for a fresher look, it is possible to select from a range of whites, light greys and beiges that will lighten up the look of a bathroom and offer a more traditional and classic aesthetic.
Another option available for bathroom renovations is the unique look of mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles come in glass, stone, and marble and can give homeowners a means of getting creative with their walls, countertops or floors. There are endless design possibilities when it comes to the use of mosaics in bathroom renovations. The look is undeniably gorgeous and the materials are highly durable, functional and will retain their appeal for years to come.